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Monday, November 28, 2011

Rainy Day

I'm not sure if it was raining everywhere else, but it certainly rained here. Not that I'm against rain, or anything. ;) But as I sat curled up in the chair with my favorite fuzzy blanket, and cup of hot tea, I thought about.......the ionic compounds in most water, especially rain. I know, I know: that was not what you were expecting. And I don't even like science! But I was going over in my mind what safe pranks you could do with rain water...after all, it does conduct electricity... ::innocentlook:: ;)

But, really, even though it would be considered a gloomy day by most, I enjoyed it! Watching the wind blow, and the rain fall, and the temperature drop. You know, tomorrow, it's supposed to snow up here, again. That should be fun...maybe....

While I was working on school, I listened to Christmas music. I love Christmas music! :) And can you believe that December is almost here?! I feel like we just started 2011. And here we are about to move into a new year. My, my; the older you get, the more you have to do, and the faster the year goes by. As it gets closer to Christmas, I'll dedicate a post to the highlights of my 2011. Hope you are all warm and cozy, at home, with a cup of hot tea/chocolate.

Merry Christmas Y'all!

Always in His Arms,


  1. How sweet and cozy, Cayla! Makes me want to curl up by the fire, with a mug of hot chocolate, and...most likely read a book about Constitutional Government. ;) Love you, girl.