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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Memories of the Past...

Dear Readers,
On Wednesday October 12, 2016 I visited the WWII Memorial in Washington DC. This was my first visit to the Memorial and I found it very enlightening! I have been to DC several times, but this was my first opportunity to pay my respects to the men and women from WWII.

WWII was one of the most grueling, yet influential wars that the United States ever fought. The causes were many and the ramifications were endless. There is no way that we can even begin to understand every aspect of the war and its impacts. The men and women devoted to the cause were fighting for their fundamental values and beliefs- the morals they held dear, and the Truth that they loved. They were fighting for Freedom, and were honored to do so. They believed they had a responsibility to protect Freedom at all costs. So many men made the ultimate sacrifice for their country, and were willing to do it for the sake of Freedom. And this is why a Memorial has been erected in DC to the Greatest Generation.

I have to say, this Memorial did not teach me about the history of the war, so much, as it taught me how to look at history, and the War specifically, with new eyes. It is so important to remember when we look into the past, that those were living Souls at one time. The Memorial really brought that to life for me, once again. I was reminded that these men who fought and died to protect my rights, and the rights of so many others, were more than just numbers in the military, more than just statistics on a page, more than just facts in a book. They were real, living, breathing people. These people had hopes and dreams and loves and dislikes. If we ever lose that perspective, then we have lost the perspective of true history.

The Memorial is one that truly does give you an appreciation for the War. The memorial is absolutely massive. It is very solemn- a time for reflection. The words etched in stone, the fountain, the pillars for each state and province- they all serve as a beautiful reminder of the people, the War, and the principles for which they fought. I was in awe the entire time I was there, at the serenity and majesty of it all.

The site, I feel, interprets WWII, the sacrifices made, and the solemnity of the War quite well. It does not try to put a spin on the war, or pass judgment, or pass an agenda. It merely stands as a testament to all of the lives lost, and all of the people who fought and also those who died.

The WWII Memorial will stay in my memory as one of my favorite historic sites. I could not help but think, as I stood there, how proud my great grandfather would be if he could see the Memorial. Being a WWII Marine veteran, I am sure it would have brought a tear to his eye, as it did mine.

Always in His Arms,

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Dear Readers,

For those of you who are my faithful readers, you may have noticed that much of my blog has changed! Welcome back! This is the new, revamped blog. It marks the dawn of a "new era," if you will, for my blog. I am going to attempt to blog more frequently and deliberately. I hope to share my thoughts, beliefs, and passions with you. For those of you who are visiting for the first time, welcome! I hope you like the new look and the new blog. Hopefully, everyone of you, former or new reader, will find this blog interesting and thought-provoking. I am not here to impart wisdom, but merely to share thoughts and ideas.

Stay tuned for the first post entitled "To Dwell or not to Dwell." We'll look at staying in tune with God from a biblical perspective, and a practical perspective.

Until next time!

Forever in His Arms,