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Monday, December 2, 2013

The Blessings of Thanksgiving

Dear Readers,

What an awesome week!

I went to my grandparents' a day early and helped them set up their new house. I got to hang out a ton with my Sissy, Leah Gunter <3. Saw the rest of my awesome family at Thanksgiving. :D I also talked to those dear ones in TN. <3 Daddy I then continued our 11 year old tradition of joining the ranks of lunatics looking for great deals on Black Friday (and all night Thursday night). We had a blast eating ice cream, drinking coffee, shopping, and talking to literally EVERYONE we could! As usual, we saw old friends and those we've met and only see on Black Friday. Also, after being ragged to DEATH about going shopping on Black Friday, by someone who claims to be my best friend,  ::mumbles:: Luke Clark,  much to my delight, I was informed that he was also out fighting the crowds..... }:) To top it all it off!? While out shopping at Barnes and Noble I heard someone shout my name and turned around to see Flynn Lancaster walking toward me with open arms. Considering I haven't seen him for almost 6 months- that was awesome! And then surprise, surprise.....who do you think walked up behind him? Yep, Liam Lancaster!! I hadn't seen him  in a year and a half! It was great to catch him on leave! Then on the way home from it all I got a call from John Christian Kuehnert just to catch up. :D  

Took some fun pics with Leah, got the sweetest texts from my best friend- Joanna Paul, was thoroughly (and sometimes a bit messily ;) ) loved on by my little cousins, (Marissa, Emma, Travis, and Elizabeth) talked over college plans with the whole family, and had many theological and relationship conversations with Daddy. (And a whole lot of cutting up....) ;)

All this to say- all of these little things reminded of just how blessed I am, and how much I truly do have to be thankful for. :D Thank you all for being the most wonderful friends anyone could ask for. :)

A special shout out to: Joanna Paul, Luke Clark, Caleb Paul, Lenzi Jo Winslow, Leah Gunter, Sarah Johannes, John Christian Kuehnert, Emma Lancaster, Abigail Cotton, Sierra Patterson, Savannah Patterson, Emily Arensman, Ryan Black, Flynn Lancaster,  Liam Lancaster, Daniel Cotton, Preston Black, Caroline Byrd, Razi Lane, Riaz Lane,  Abbey Sweetman, Josh Arnold, Bryan Stokke, and Daniel Grubbs for being there for me in different (or sometimes ALL) of the hard times, and helping me get through things I never thought I would. I have a different story with each of you....but they all end with me thanking God and wondering what I did to be blessed with such AMAZING friends.  

Love y'all!!! :D 

(Oh, and one more thing to be very thankful for- IT ALL HAPPENED IN THE SOUTH.....whew......) 

American by birth, Southern by the grace of God! :D

Always in His Arms,


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