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Friday, February 15, 2013

The Roller Coaster Never Ends....

Dear Readers,

Due to some recent developments at the Miller Homestead, I am discontinuing my Tournament Series until a later time. I will still post, but I don't have time to write about the tournaments, for the time being.

I told a friend the other day that whatever lesson God is trying to teach me- I just wish I would hurry and learn it. Then I started thinking about all of the lessons I've learned and how they lasted for exactly the right amount of time. I must admit, I felt guilty. I realized that Life, itself, is a lesson, and if I wish that the lesson was over then- I wish my life was at an end. In that moment I came to appreciate the lessons learned much more.

As I enter into this next season of my life- I know that there will be many changes in the next few months...but that's okay.  In the midst of the chaos is a Peace, Strength, and Rock that I know, I can always depend on.

May the Lord bless and keep you!

Always in His Arms,