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Monday, April 9, 2012

Don't kill me/Tourneys/Death/A Happy Ending.

Dear Readers,

My, my, my, how long has it been since I posted...? I don't even remember.

So many things have happened! Let me see if I can begin to tell you all that has..............(some things will have posts all to themselves)

Tournament season has obviously been in full-throttle. Now, we're in what you might call the "play-offs". ;) My debate partner and I are at the moment prepping for Regionals. God has truely blessed me in this year's tournament season! The second qualifier that we went to, this year, we stayed with another NCFCA family. It was truely a fantastic experience. :)

On a morbid note, two family friends have died within the past month. And another is dying as I speak. While we rejoice with a mourning family that a Believer, so strong in the Faith, has gone on to be with the Love Of Her Life; it is truely a sobering thought that the other was most likely not so fortunate...

As for all the other happenings at the Miller Homestead...

Check in later to read about: Research days, tournament specifics, reaching old friends, Easter Sunday, funny tournament stories, the adventures of host housing, and much, much more!

May you rest in the Arms of a Risen Savior!

Always In His Arms,



  1. Yay! The blog didn't die!!! ;) I can't wait to hear about the other Miller happenings. :) May the Lord bless you as you traverse through the busyness of life - and may He receive all the glory.
    -your half-Miller twin sister <3

  2. Hahaha, not yet, Sarah! ;) Thank you!

    -Your Twin in Him <3

  3. Haha. My blog is hibernating but when it rises, it's going to be really crazy!